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July 21, 2017 | posted by Catalyst Lending
The Catalyst Lending Iron Clad Approval

Buying a home to call your own can be one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do, but the process itself can also be a bit intimidating. Plus, with a market that's currently saturated with motivated buyers and low on inventory, the stage is set for serious competition-which means making your offer standout is crucial when it comes to securing the home of your dreams. Below, we've broken down both the current market conditions and what our experts see as the key to setting your offer apart-all in the name of ensuring you can start making memories in the home of your dreams.

A Competitive Market

According to a recent Re/Max Holdings Inc. scorecard, the national average for days homes remained on the market for the first half of 2017 was a mere 47 days-which is the lowest in the history of the Re/Max Report. That same scorecard looked at Denver's residential real estate market in the first half of 2017 and found that the Mile High City, home of our corporate headquarters, ranked second in the nation for the speed of home sells in June. The average days on the market in Denver was a mere 21 days, putting Denver behind only Seattle and Omaha, Nebraska (both of which were at 20 days on the market).

Plus inventory across the nation is low. Nationally, there is currently only 2.8 months supply of inventory for sale, with 6.0 months indicating a market that's equally balanced between buyers and sellers. Denver ranked third in the nation for having the lowest home inventory, with just 1.2 months supply available.Essentially, all of these numbers work together to create conditions that are ripe for competition-which means ensuring your offer stands out to sellers is more crucial than ever.

Setting Your Offer Apart

It's always been our goal at Catalyst Lending to both simplify the lending process and, more than anything, ensure our buyers' offers get them the keys to their dream home-but, in the current market, not just any offer will do the trick. To ensure our buyers' and real-estate partners' offers stand out amongst the competition, we've created our one-of-a-kind Catalyst Lending Iron Clad (CLIC) Approval* as part of our simple 11-steps to homebuying process.

We work closely with buyers to analyze their financial situation and, if approved, we provide buyers with a CLIC Approval certificate, which makes the entire lending process move much faster. Our CLIC Approvals are fully underwritten and close-ready-so they're essentially just like cash, and sellers notice the difference. For both homebuyers and real-estate partners, this can be the single deciding factor in whether or not a seller accepts your offer.

CLIC Benefits

The CLIC Approval Certificate is completely unique to Catalyst Lending and comes with countless benefits to ensure your offer stands out as more serious, more valuable and more worth a seller's time than any other offers they receive. Benefits include:

  • · CLIC Approvals are fully underwritten and close-ready, so they make the lending process move faster and make your offer far more valuable than others.
  • · CLIC Approvals guarantee that you are qualified for your requested loan amount. (We will pay the seller $10,000 if a mistake made by the Catalyst Lending team in issuing the CLIC Approval results in your not being able to purchase the property.)
  • · CLIC Approvals give you the same negotiating power as if you were buying with cash, which means a lot to a seller.

Overall, our CLIC Approval works for our customers in two main ways: It offers you peace of mind by carefully calculating (and guaranteeing) what you can afford and it allows you to make offers that won't be overlooked or lost amongst the masses. Because, at Catalyst Lending, we know when homebuyers thrive, our communities thrive. Reach out today to learn more about how our CLIC approval can help you secure and start making memories in the home of your dreams.

*View CLIC Terms and Conditions here